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I will always be deeply grateful to Dr. Gifford. And I now have an even more profound appreciation of Chinese medicine.

Not long ago, I was gravely ill. I generally eat a fairly healthy diet, but even natural foods were producing a severe and extreme food-poisoning reaction. I needed help and I thought my best bet was to seek out an acupuncturist, partly because I was not sure what other holistic options I would find in this rural area. In the past, I wasted a lot of money and had a bad experience at a holistic health center in Virginia, and an acupuncturist/nutritionist in Leesburg also did not help me at all. (I had a different, but probably related problem back then.) I was skeptical when I started looking for help. I found Dr. Dawn Gifford online and chose her because I had a gut feeling to do it. She returned my call right away, and spoke to me, personally, without rushing me. I was so frightened by then, that this call helped me get through the next day. I was only eating brown rice by then, and not much of it because I was afraid my body would reject anything else. When I walked in the door of her pleasant facility, I was desperately ill–I had been getting worse each day–I am 64, and was only this ill once before, 43 years ago, when I almost died. After my first visit with Dr. Gifford, I knew what I could eat, what things I should do to start healing, and I knew what the underlying problem was, and it all felt right. From that day on, I have been better each day. I have had a few mild symptoms, from time to time, but they never resulted in another episode. I feel healthier than I have felt in a very long time. Dr. Dawn Gifford will diagnose your personal imbalance and then restore balance using a variety of complimentary methods tailored to you. Since beginning her treatment, I have also been calmer and more relaxed, as well as more focused–less distracted. And I began to see other signs of healing almost immediately, as well. I have been waking up earlier, going to sleep earlier, I am less anxious, and I am enjoying life more. My skin has also improved. There are many doctors and health practitioners out there, some good, some not. Dr. Gifford is a healer. She has great energy–and she knows what she’s doing. Her assistant, Kendall, is a pleasure to deal with also. For me, Dr. Gifford turned what could have been an absolute nightmare (had I gone the hospital route or put my faith in another practitioner who could not help me) into a thoroughly positive experience. The benefits were immediate. She may have saved my life. On top of all that, her prices are fair and very generous for what she offers.I will always be deeply grateful to Dr. Gifford. And I now have an even more profound appreciation of Chinese medicine. HH

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