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Your Personalized Natural Health Solution For Wellness Care

We are here for you, because your health matters! Our signature programs are designed to provide a safe, cost effective, and completely drug-free solution to treating the whole you, both mind and body. We offer fully customized treatment plans designed to enable you to live the life you want and deserve, free from pain or other debilitating symptoms. Our treatment is based on 3000 years of successful, natural interventions. We invite you to explore our programs, and become our next success story, the best version of you!

What Our Patients Are Saying

Success Stories

Dr. Dawn is Wonderful! I started seeing her for chronic headaches & fibromyalgia in February. She makes you feel comfortable immediately on walking in her office & my treatments have not only helped with my head & body aches, I’ve relaxed & feel less stressful. P.H.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist patients in their efforts to attain a state of optimum health by utilizing the natural healing methods of acupuncture, eastern nutritional support, and herbal medicine; thereby avoiding or reversing illness, and improving their quality of life. Our goal is to treat and educate as many people as possible regarding the benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in treating the person, not the disease. You’ll find we offer a level of comprehensive care rare in today’s healthcare setting by focusing on prevention, balance and wellness thru Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and other Eastern modalities.

Discover First

Our most popular non needle herbal pain clinic located within Atlantic Acupuncture. You haven't tried everything until you have experienced the natural healing power of herbal medicine!

Music Therapy

Fall asleep while listening to our premium curated music chosen to decrease stress, unwind and promote over all deep relaxation while enhancing the healing process.

Supply Center

Our center includes a full Chinese herbal pharmacy, pain relief products, medicinal teas, digestive aids, 24 Karat Gold plated Swarovski ear crystals for stress relief/ anxiety, exclusive facial rejuvenation anti-aging cream, jade rollers and speciality candle melts.

Complimentary Tea

Sip on a cup of our pleasant-tasting herb stress relief tea. A precise balance of six natural high quality herbal ingredients. This blend has been enjoyed since the early 1970s and is caffeine free. Recommended for daily stress, anxiety, GI issues and chronic pain relief.

Heated Chairs

State-of-the-art zero gravity chairs for your comfort in lieu of standard flat massage tables.

Convenient Location

Located next to the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce our office has ample parking.

3 Reasons Acupuncture Supports Couples Facing Infertility

When you consider all the changes in our agricultural practices, the increased number of medications we take, as well as our dependence on plastic and technology that is constantly emitting low-grade radiation, it’s no surprise more couples are having trouble conceiving. Current statistics show one in six couples who

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Five Self Care Tips for Fall

Fall is a favorite season for many people. The weather starts getting a little cooler, things are beginning to slow down and preparations for the holidays are in full swing. For many others, fall is not so festive. Many people get sick during the fall months, allergies can

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Healthy Foods for Fall

The season of fall brings cooler weather and shorter days. As with any season, the world adjusts accordingly. Plants begin to go dormant, animals begin scrounging for food to store to get them through the upcoming winter months and humans start winterizing everything.

As fall descends on

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