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Dr. Dawn R. Gifford, DOM, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Welcome to Atlantic Acupuncture

Your Personalized Natural Health Solution For Wellness Care

We are here for you, because your health matters! Our signature programs are designed to provide a safe, cost effective, and completely drug-free solution to treating the whole you, both mind and body. We offer fully customized treatment plans designed to enable you to live the life you want and deserve, free from pain or other debilitating symptoms. Our treatment is based on 3000 years of successful, natural interventions. We invite you to explore our programs, and become our next success story, the best version of you.

Our Mission

Our mission remains to assist patients in their efforts to attain a state of optimum health by utilizing the natural healing methods of acupuncture, eastern nutritional support, and herbal medicine; thereby avoiding or reversing illness, and improving their quality of life. Our purpose is to help and educate as many people as possible regarding the benefits of acupuncture and Eastern medicine. 

Your Health Solutions








Circulation Program/Pào Jiāo Therapy.

Pào jiāo is a footbath. In Chinese, pào means “to soak” and jiāo means “to pour water on.” Pào jiāo is a natural and highly effective non needle therapy that has been commonly practiced in China for several thousand years.

The Pào jiāo/Circulation clinic, located within Atlantic Acupuncture, offers an exclusive herbal therapy program utilizing a proprietary formula that contains eight extraordinary plants renowned for their ability to successfully alleviate circulatory issues, eliminate pain and stagnation, and return the patient to an improved state of health. 

Facts: Poor Blood Circulation, Blood stasis (Chinese: 血瘀), or blood stagnation, is an important underlying pathology of many disease processes according to traditional Chinese medicine. 

Program includes:

  • Qigong. Participants will learn simple gentle movements to practice at home to increase energy, reduce stress, decrease pain. 
  • Acupressure. Participants will be educated on how to find effective acupressure points for relief from stress, anxiety, pain and much more.
  •  Herbal Tea. Participants will enjoy our caffeine free high quality pleasant tasting herbal tea that has been enjoyed worldwide since the early 1970’s. Utilizing a precise blend of six ingredients this tea is effective for anxiety, daily stress, migraines, insomnia, detoxing, pain relief, restlessness, indigestion issues, and is known for it’s natural producing anti-inflammatory effect. 
Recommended: Everyone except in pregnancy, cancer, pacemakers, multiple sclerosis.

Ceragem is a class II 510 K medical device approved by FDA for stress relief and blood circulation. Based on the beliefs of oriental medicine that our body is best treated wholly with balance,  the Ceragem uses acupuncture, chiropractic stretching massage methods and employs far infrared ray (FIR) to heal our body.


Recommended: Everyone except in pregnancy, cancer, pacemakers, multiple sclerosis.

Acupuncture Is a Time-Tested, Safe, Effective, Natural And Drug-Free Way To Achieve Health and Wellness. Results are cumulative. The number of treatments will vary from person to person. Some people experience immediate relief; others may take months or even years to achieve results. Chronic conditions usually take longer to resolve than acute ones. Plan on a minimum of twelve treatments two to three times a week to see significant changes. Treatment frequency depends on a variety of factors: your constitution, the severity and duration of the problem. 

Our center is proud to offer three Acupuncture therapy programs:
1. Whole Body Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture is an effective form of health care that has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system.
  • Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to diagnose and help millions of people get well and stay healthy.
  • An acupuncturist will place fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints on the body. This activates the body’s Qi and promotes natural healing by enhancing recuperative power, immunity and physical and emotional health. It also can improve overall function and well-being.
  • It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems.
2. Fertility Acupuncture
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus, which improves the chances of an ovum implanting on the uterine wall.
  • Reduce anxiety & stress. The hormones that are secreted during stressful situations can significantly decrease fertility.
  • Normalize hormone & endocrine systems that regulate ovulation, esp in women w/ polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Positively affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, which plays a key role in fertility.
  • Regulate menstrual cycle.
  • Insurance does not cover Fertility Acupuncture
3. Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • A natural facial lift
  • Tighten sagging skin or a double chin
  • Better skin texture & tone
  • Total body & face wellness
  • Full results at 24 sessions
  • Contraindicated in pregnancy, menstruation, cancer.
  • Insurance does not cover Cosmetic Acupuncture
Our clinic is an in network Blue Cross provider. Insurance must be verified by our office prior to scheduling. We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, HSA (Health Spending Accounts), FSA (Flex Spending Accounts). 
Recommended: Everyone

Dragon’s Way Qigong®

is a 6-week non needle wellness program that brings the body back to balance. It’s based on an ancient system that understands how to embrace the body’s wisdom for healing. 

Program includes:

  • Qigong Practice
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Eating for Healing Plan

Recommended: Everyone

Note: Missed sessions will not be made up


Your decision to register is an important one, congratulations! We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. If you need to cancel a registration prior to the start of a program, we will refund your registration minus a $25 administrative fee. After the start of a program no refunds will be given. However, you will be eligible to sign up for a future class at the repeating participant rate.

Your Experience

Discover First

Our exclusive Pào jiāo clinic located within Atlantic Acupuncture. You haven't tried everything until you have experienced the ancient medicine of Pào jiāo!

Music Therapy

Acupuncture healing is one of the most important elements in Chinese Medicine. Our music is selected to correspond and enhance the Acupuncture process.

Supply Center

Our center includes a full Chinese herbal pharmacy, pain relief products, medicinal teas, digestive aids, 24 Karat Gold plated Swarovski ear crystals for stress relief/ anxiety, exclusive facial rejuvenation anti-aging cream, jade rollers and a just because section!

Complimentary Tea

Sip on a cup of our stress relief tea. A precise balance of six natural high quality herbal ingredients. This blend has been enjoyed since the early 1970s.

Heated Chairs

State-of-the-art zero gravity chairs for your comfort in lieu of standard flat massage tables.

Convenient Location

Ample parking is available and our office is handicapped accessible.

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