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Welcome to Your Path to All-Natural Healing:

Beyond Drugs, Medications, and Stimulants.

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we stand on the pillars of compassion, respect, and empathy, creating a foundation for our holistic health services in Berlin, Maryland.

Led by Dr. Dawn R. Gifford, DOM, LAc, and supported by our dedicated office manager, our clinic is committed to providing an environment where patients feel deeply understood and thoroughly cared for, a rarity in today’s fast-paced medical environment.

Our Philosophy:

Here, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) converges with the latest in health and wellness technology, forging a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Our philosophy empowers patients to actively engage in their health journey, equipped with knowledge and tools for self-healing and sustained wellness.

Discover Our Journey of Healing:
100+ Five-Star Patient Success Stories


What Sets Us Apart:

In the modern era, challenges such as stress and environmental toxins impede our innate healing processes.

Atlantic Acupuncture distinguishes itself by merging timeless wisdom with contemporary health innovations, guiding patients towards holistic well-being.

Our approach is designed to not only alleviate symptoms but to resolve their underlying causes, fostering a vibrant, balanced state of health.

Patient-Centered Care at Atlantic Acupuncture:

What is Patient-Centered Care?

Patient-centered care is at the heart of our practice. It means we prioritize listening and truly getting to know you as a person.

Partnering with you in restoring your health and vitality is our primary goal.

Dr. Dawn R. Gifford, DOM, LAc, ensures that every patient is given ample time to discuss their health concerns and goals, fostering meaningful conversations that are often missing in healthcare today.

Your Input is Crucial:

Your active participation is vital to the success of your treatment.

We encourage a strong commitment to self-care and are here to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to take charge of your health.

Embracing lifestyle changes is a critical component of our patient-centered approach.

Our Holistic Approach:

Recognizing each individual’s unique health blueprint, we aim to uncover and address the root causes of health issues.

Our Integrative Health Program is custom-tailored, blending traditional therapies like acupuncture and herbal medicine with modern treatments such as Phototherapy and Circulation Therapy.

This holistic strategy affirms our commitment to leveraging the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Your Comprehensive Plan of Care:

We focus on a holistic strategy rather than just treating symptoms with medication.

Dr. Gifford begins with a comprehensive health assessment, including your current health state, medical history, family history, and lifestyle.

From there, she crafts an integrative health plan tailored to your specific needs, utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities.

TCM Diagnostic Tools:

Unveiling the Underlying Intricacies of Your Health:

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we delve deep into the subtleties of your health using a blend of traditional and contemporary diagnostic methods.

Our tools, including AcuDigital Imaging, TCM Pulse Diagnosis, TCM Tongue Diagnosis, TCM Nail Diagnosis, and the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart, allow us to uncover the detailed landscape of your health, ensuring our treatments are finely tuned to your unique needs.

Our Methods

Our suite of services addresses a broad spectrum of physical, emotional, and mental health needs.

From Advanced Acupuncture techniques and Japanese Onnetsu Therapy to Ground Breaking Cellular Wearable Technology and Nutritional Counseling, we offer:

Traditional Therapies: 

May Include Qigong Meridian Therapy, Dry Needling, Moxibustion, and Herbal Medicine.

Manual and Physical Therapies: 

Such as Gua Sha, Jade Thermal Massage, and Myofascial Release.

Advanced Therapies: 

Featuring Laser Acupuncture, Celluma Infrared Light Therapy, and Earthing/Grounding Practices.

Conditions Treated

Pain Management

Embark on a life free from pain’s shadows, harnessing holistic techniques to alleviate discomfort and restore balance. 

Stress & Anxiety

Relieve stress and anxiety using a harmonious blend of time-tested methods and contemporary approaches.

Reproductive Health

Boost fertility with TCM, leveraging the time-tested benefits of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine to guide couples toward successful conception.

Neural ReConnect

Alleviate neuropathy symptoms with a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern science, offering targeted, holistic healing.

Cancer Support

Enhance immune response and healing with a balanced mix of ancient medicine and scientific advancements, providing focused, integrative therapy.

Facial Rejuvenation

Achieve glowing skin through deep internal healing. Our approach nurtures natural regeneration, promoting holistic wellness.

First Appointment:

Your journey to wellness begins with a thorough assessment by Dr. Gifford, DOM, LAc where she will evaluate your medical needs and outline recommendations for your path forward. 

Health Assessment

Unlock a new dimension of Health and Well-Being. Schedule Your Comprehensive Integrative Health Assessment Today! 

Breakthrough Technology

Harness the power of revolutionary wearable X39 patches: uniquely patented, science-fueled devices that promote enhanced health and vitality!

Your Wellness, Our Mission

Embark on your wellness journey with Atlantic Acupuncture today. 

Dr. Gifford, alongside our capable office manager, is committed to guiding you toward optimal health and well-being.

Schedule your visit to experience the transformative power of holistic care.

Our clinic offers the convenience of complimentary on-site parking, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Atlantic Acupuncture
11033 Cathell Road
Berlin, Maryland 21811

Fax: 410-630-5673

8:30am- 1:30pm
8:30am- 1:30pm
8:30am- 1:30pm

Disclaimer: The information contained in this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or intervene in any medical condition. The circumstances of each patient are different. Treatment is offered only after an appropriate medical consultation and assessment. Outcomes are never guaranteed. Individual results may vary. ©Acupuncture Acupuncture LLC

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