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Dr. Gifford has helped me fix my posture problem.

Great place and service. Dr. Gifford has helped me fix my posture problem. I can tell that the treatment works well fixing my back at the right spot since my first visit. It’s highly recommended! DP

My favorite thing, though, is seeing people come and go with smiles on their faces, especially the couples.

Dr. Gifford knows her stuff and even better gets to know you and your needs quickly. She takes her time with you, using the methods that work best with your needs, and works quickly. No need to fear acupuncture; it’s my first time and I’m enthralled with the practice. She is very good at what she does. Everything is clean

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Dr. G Is The Best!

Dr.G is the best , I felt so good after 1st session she is very caring person and the treatment is very effective. YI

Migraines And Other Pain.

I have been going to Dr. Gifford for about a month now for migraines and other pain. So far I’ve had a huge reduction in all my pain. Not only that, she is great to work with and it’s just an overall pleasant experience with her, her staff and the environment. I highly recommend you try her out…I’m sure glad

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