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Cutting-Edge Phototherapy

Aligning Modern Life with Traditional Wisdom

In the fast pace of modern society, we often find ourselves living in ways that diverge significantly from natural rhythms.

Exposure to chemicals, environmental toxins, and a sedentary lifestyle can disrupt our body’s innate balance, impacting our overall health and vitality.

At Atlantic Acupuncture: Holistic Health Care & Advanced Wellness Center, led by Dr. Dawn R. Gifford, we’re at the forefront of integrating timeless Eastern wisdom with cutting-edge Western technology.

Celebrated for our excellence with over 100 five-star reviews, our clinic is a testament to the successful fusion of traditional Eastern practices with the precision of Western science.

Through our partnership with LifeWave®, a pioneer in advanced Phototherapy technology, we’re setting new standards in holistic health.

This collaboration marries the profound healing traditions of Acupuncture with LifeWave’s® innovative, wearable Phototherapy patches, offering a new dimension to wellness and vitality

Gain a deeper understanding of the scientific breakthroughs and research supporting LifeWave’s® technologies. 

Discover how each patented LifeWave® patch is designed to resonate with specific energy wavelengths, targeting precise skin points without introducing substances into the body, and safely complementing your existing medication regimen.

Witness the Power of Patching:

Learn about the scientific foundation of Stem Cell activation through patching and hear transformative testimonials from satisfied users.

Groundbreaking Wearable Wellness Technology:

Holistic Harmony: Experience cellular-level rejuvenation through our synergy of Acupuncture knowledge and LifeWave’s Phototherapy patches.

Seamless Wellness: We provide a wearable, integrative health solution that reflects our collaborative vision with LifeWave®.

Effortless Healing: Enjoy holistic health on-the-go, without the need for appointments or needles.

Natural Approach: Our commitment to authentic wellness means these patches are free from drugs or synthetic stimulants.

Affordability & Quality: Access premium wellness at a minimal cost, ensuring both quality and accessibility.

Confidence Guarantee: LifeWave® offers a 30-day risk-free trial, promising a refund on your first order if not completely satisfied (excluding shipping).

LifeWave: Leading Global Health and Wellness Innovation

LifeWave has been celebrated on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies for its significant advancements in health and wellness. 

With the X39 patches leading the way, LifeWave demonstrates a global commitment to enhancing health and wellness, available in over 100 countries.

Meet Dr. Dawn R. Gifford, Your LifeWave Brand Partner

As an esteemed LifeWave Brand Partner, Dr. Gifford leverages her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative wellness practices to enrich lives with LifeWave’s health solutions. 

Wherever you are, Dr. Gifford provides personalized support for exploring the benefits of X39 patches and other LifeWave products.

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Benefits can be immediate! LifeWave X39™ goes to work the minute you apply it.

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