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Ear Seeding


Unlock Your Health's Potential—Without Needles

Introducing Ear Seeding: the marriage of reflexology and auricular therapy. Utilizing petite 24K gold embellishments, Swarovski crystals, seeds, or pellets, these are strategically placed on precise points on the ear. 

Acting as acupressure agents, they stimulate nerve endings which communicate with the brain, catalyzing a balance—homeostasis—within the body.

Every aspect of your well-being, be it physical, emotional, or internal, finds a counterpart in the ear’s landscape.

These ear seeds are designed to remain in place for approximately three to seven days. 

Although they don’t penetrate the skin, their position on specific acupoints ensures efficacy in managing various persistent conditions.

Experience the power of Ear Seeds—non-invasive, secure, and adept at stimulating acupoints on the ear’s surface.

Highlighted Acupoints and Their Benefits:

Mental & Emotional Balance:

Stress Alleviation

Mind Calming

Breaking through Emotional Stagnation

Centering the Self

Anxiety Relief

Muscular & Skeletal Relief:

Easing Back Discomfort

Alleviating Shoulder Tension

Soothing Neck Strain

Releasing Jaw Stress

Reproductive Wellness:

Nurturing the Uterine Lining

Supporting Ovarian Health

Harmonizing Hormonal Fluctuations

Encouraging Healthy Circulation

Empower Your Well-Being and Restore Balance!

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we are passionate about introducing the wonders of Ear Seeding to newcomers! 

Dive into this journey of ear reflexology with our compassionate and dedicated team. As always, enjoy our complimentary on-site client parking.

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