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Acne Facial Acupuncture + Light Therapy

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Conquer Acne with Facial Acupuncture + Light Therapy

Clearer Skin is Just Sessions Away

Acne arises when bacteria clog the pores, resulting in inflammation, lesions, and blemishes. Our blend of Cosmetic Acupuncture and Celluma light therapy combats acne by eradicating the causative bacteria. 

Free from harsh chemicals, detrimental UV rays, and side effects, this treatment doesn’t just resolve current blemishes, but also thwarts upcoming breakouts. 

Embark on the journey to a clearer, vibrant, and more refined complexion in merely a few sessions.

Are You the Right Fit for Our Acne Protocol + LED Light Therapy?

Dr. Gifford, a licensed acupuncturist, will engage in a preliminary consultation, ensuring that the Acne Protocol + Celluma Light Therapy aligns with your needs. 

While it is an excellent fit for most seeking natural skin health solutions, individuals with hemophilia, contagious skin conditions, or those on blood-thinning medication require special attention.

Potential side effects from Red Light Therapy, although rare, might encompass transient skin redness in the treated area.

Celluma’s light therapy devices, devoid of harmful ultraviolet rays (like UVA & UVB), are safe for routine application. Plus, LED light therapy guarantees zero downtime, contrasting sharply with treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. 

It’s versatile, catering to diverse skin types and tones. However, certain conditions and medications, including Accutane, cortisone injections, light-sensitive drugs, and more, might not be congruent with LED light therapy.

Prioritizing Eye Safety

The Celluma technology steers clear of the UVA and UVB spectrum, ensuring ocular safety. The efficacy of low-level light therapy in remedying retinal injuries is well-backed by clinical studies. 

Celluma is thoroughly vetted and fulfills the safety requisites for non-laser light source equipment. With its “exempt” classification, rest assured, it poses no threat to the eyes.

For those sensitive to the bright red light, we provide tanning glasses to enhance the treatment comfort.

Witness the Transformation

Before & After photos vividly capture the rejuvenation journey.

Inflammation (2)

Protocol: 1 treatment daily for 10 days

Images: B. Burkiewicz

sRQgxJeI (2)

Protocol: 2 times a week for 8 weeks

Images: Laura Kitzman

Before after face

Protocol: 4 treatments total

Images: Jodi Holland

acne male (4)

Protocal: 2 times a week for 5 weeks

Reimagine Skin Wellness: Non-Invasive & Drug-Free

New to our Acne Protocol + LED Light Therapy? At Atlantic Acupuncture, our compassionate team is here to make your experience seamless. Plus, enjoy the convenience of complimentary on-site parking.

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