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Rapid Release Acupuncture Therapy


Ancient Medicine Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Welcome to Atlantic Acupuncture, where ancient medicine meets cutting-edge technology. We’re excited to introduce our patients to the benefits of combining acupuncture therapy with Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) for even quicker results.

Rapid Release Therapy is a targeted, high-speed vibration therapy that focuses on relieving soft tissue-related conditions affecting muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This patented therapy uses high-frequency vibration to free critical structures, like muscles and nerves, from adhesions and scar tissue. This results in immediate pain relief and restoration of range of motion, all in just a short 2-5 minute session. We recommend 6 to 12 treatment sessions to achieve meaningful and long-lasting results for most conditions.

Unlike low-speed hammering devices, the RRT is a short stroke (2.5 mm) high-speed vibration therapy device. Its short stroke, along with its high-speed oscillations per second, allows it to be used anywhere on the body, even over bony prominences like the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, wrist, and face, for lasting results.

Athletes at all levels, including Olympians, use RRT for both pre-competition warm-ups and post-competition enhanced muscle recovery because of the deep penetration of the compression waves generated by the RRT. Soft tissue disorders are usually a result of overuse, injury, or surgery. 

Scar tissue forms in the body as a temporary patching mechanism for pain caused by surgery, trauma, or repetitive stress. This scar tissue is made from collagen, just like our skin, but without the blood supply. It dies, dries out, constricts, and becomes brittle. Scar tissue fastened to tissues not normally connected is called an adhesion. Adhesions can spread, entrapping nerves, causing pain and numbness, or limiting range of motion.

If you’re experiencing undiagnosed pain or restricted mobility, it’s likely caused by these adhesions. Rapid Release Therapy is focused on relieving soft tissue problems caused by scar tissue adhesions. By combining RRT with acupuncture therapy, we can achieve even quicker and more effective results for our patients.

RRT is a safe, non-invasive, registered Class 1 medical device and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including: 

We hope this information has been helpful, and we look forward to working with you to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Achieve Rapid Pain Relief!

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we specialize in first-time Rapid Release Acupuncture Therapy patients! If you are new to RRA, our warm and caring team will put you at ease. Enjoy free on-site client parking.

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