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Rapid Release Acupuncture Therapy


Ancient Wisdom Fuses with Modern Innovation

Welcome to Atlantic Acupuncture, a sanctuary where timeless healing traditions effortlessly blend with state-of-the-art technology. We proudly combine the holistic benefits of acupuncture with the innovative Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) to deliver accelerated results.

Rapid Release Therapy (RRT): A Brief Overview

RRT is a pioneering high-speed vibration therapy meticulously crafted to address conditions associated with soft tissues— muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This breakthrough therapy employs high-frequency vibrations to liberate essential structures from the constraints of adhesions and scar tissue, offering swift pain relief and enhanced mobility in just a 2-5 minute session. For comprehensive and enduring results, we advise a regimen of 6 to 12 treatment sessions.

Distinguishing itself from conventional low-speed hammering devices, RRT’s distinct short stroke (2.5 mm) and rapid oscillations make it versatile for use across various body areas, including those with bony structures.

Elite athletes, including Olympians, vouch for RRT’s efficacy. They integrate it into their routines for pre-event preparation and post-event muscle rejuvenation, given RRT’s profound compression wave penetration. Often, soft tissue disorders stem from excessive use, injuries, or surgical interventions.

Understanding Scar Tissue and Adhesionse

The body produces scar tissue as a makeshift response to pain from surgery, trauma, or recurrent stress. Comprising collagen, this tissue lacks a blood supply, making it brittle over time. When scar tissues bind unconnected tissues, they form adhesions. These adhesions can proliferate, entrapping nerves and causing discomfort, numbness, or mobility constraints.

Unresolved pain or limited movement could be indicative of these adhesions. With RRT’s emphasis on addressing issues from scar tissue adhesions, combining it with acupuncture offers a synergistic healing experience.

Conditions Addressed by RRT:

From adhesions, arthritis, and back pain to TMJ, trapped nerves, and tennis elbow, RRT provides a therapeutic response to a myriad of conditions.

We trust you found this insight enlightening. Let’s embark on a journey towards peak health and vitality together.

Experience the Future of Pain Relief!

At Atlantic Acupuncture, first-timers for Rapid Release Acupuncture Therapy are in safe hands. Dive into the RRA experience with our compassionate team guiding you. Plus, enjoy our complimentary on-site parking for clients.

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