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Jade Massage Therapy


Innovative Healing: Blending Modern Science with Traditional Wisdom

Experience the Ceragem Jade Bed at Atlantic Acupuncture with Dr. Dawn R. Gifford, DOM, LAc, where contemporary innovation meets time-honored healing traditions.

This FDA-approved Medical Class II device is not just an alternative, but an enhancement to traditional massage therapies.

Our Jade Bed combines chiropractic principles, acupressure, massage, and far-infrared heat therapy to offer unparalleled relief from pain and tension.

Enjoy the therapeutic warmth of far-infrared heat and the healing properties of jade rollers as they work together to soothe sore muscles, ease joint stiffness, and promote relaxation.

Indulge in a complete 30-minute session without the need to change clothes.

Elevate your experience with our calming healing music or our serene underwater nature film, designed to provide a fully immersive relaxation experience.

Please note, the weight limit for the jade bed is 300lbs.

Jade Bed Experience Features:

Deep-penetrating far-infrared heat for muscle and tissue relief.

Detoxifying and mood-enhancing effects of heated jade stones.

Acupressure through heated jade rollers targeting key points along the spine and legs.

Benefits Include:

Improved blood circulation.

Reduced pain and inflammation.

Eased muscle stiffness.

Relief from stress and anxiety.


Consult your physician before using the Jade Bed if you have or suspect conditions such as phlebitis, spinal issues, metallic implants, pacemakers, malignancies, recent surgeries, or if you are pregnant.

Ensure proper hydration before and after your session to optimize benefits.

Reclaim Your Vitality, Tranquility, and Well-Being!

Atlantic Acupuncture welcomes first-time Jade Massage guests with open arms.

Our compassionate team prioritizes your comfort, ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment.

Enjoy complimentary on-site parking exclusively for our clients.

Discover tranquility and rejuvenation with us at Atlantic Acupuncture.

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