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Jade Ceratonic Therapy


Ceratonic: Revolutionizing the Science of Sleep

Unveiling the Jade Ceratonic Mat: Your Gateway to Enhanced Health and Rest

The Essence of Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is not just about rest—it’s a rejuvenation process. As you enter this profound phase, your body secretes growth hormones and focuses on the repair and restoration of muscles, bones, tissue, and fortifying the immune system.

How Inadequate Sleep Could Diminish Your Life's Quality:

  • Immunity and Sleep:
    • At optimal sleep, your immune system thrives.
    • A sleep deficit makes you more susceptible to illnesses.
  • Mental Well-being and Sleep:
    • Research indicates individuals with insomnia are potentially 10 times more prone to depression.
    • A cycle of anxiety leading to sleep disturbances can further exacerbate anxiety levels.
  • Cognitive Function and Sleep:
    • Academic performance deteriorates with poor sleep patterns.
    • Sleep-deprived adults often grapple with memory lapses and impaired decision-making.
  • Skin Health and Sleep:
    • Inadequate sleep hampers collagen formation, potentially accelerating signs of aging.
    • A sleep deficit may render your skin pallid and devoid of vitality.
  • Weight Regulation and Sleep:
    • Sleep deprivation intensifies hunger cues in the brain while diminishing satiety signals.
    • Insufficient sleep can lead to reduced glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, both linked to obesity.

Introducing the Jade Ceratonic Mat

This mat harnesses the combined powers of negative ions, far infrared rays, and the therapeutic warmth of gemstones. Natural gemstones are known for emitting negative ions and far infrared rays. When heated, their potency amplifies, providing augmented benefits.

Amplified Benefits:Text Here

Muscle Relaxation:

    • Eases muscle tension, paving the way for a serene, focused state.

Chronic Pain Reduction:

    • Enhances blood flow to affected areas, offering rapid relief.

Optimized Circulation:

    • An increase in blood flow replenishes the body with essential nutrients and oxygen.

Deep Infrared Therapy:

    • Far Infrared Rays delve deep, accelerating the healing process for injuries.

Dive into the Ultimate Sleep Renaissance!

At Atlantic Acupuncture, our expertise lies in introducing the wonders of the Jade Ceratonic Mat to newcomers. Allow our compassionate team to guide you through this journey. And, as always, take advantage of our complimentary on-site client parking.

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