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Jade Ceratonic Therapy


Ceratonic Is The Present Science Of Sleep

Recharge Health With Jade Ceratonic Mat

Benifits of Deep Sleep

While all stages of sleep are necessary for good health, deep sleep offers specific physical and mental benefits. During deep sleep, your body releases growth hormone and works to build and repair muscles, bones, tissue and immune system functioning.

Signs That Poor Sleep May Be Affecting Your Quality Of Life

Sleep and Immunity

Sleep and Mental Health

Sleep and Cognition

Sleep and Skin Health

Sleep and Weight

Jade Ceratonic Mat

Provides negative ions, far infrared rays, and heated gemstones. These gemstones naturally emit negative ions and far infrared, and when heated the stones become activated and provide even greater benefits.

Additional Benefits:

Relaxes Muscle Spasms

Reduces Chronic Pain


Deep F.I.R. Penetration

Discover The Ultimate Sleep Experience!

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we specialize in first-time Jade Ceratonic Mat patients! If you are new to Jade Ceratonic Mat our warm and caring team will put you at ease. Enjoy free on-site client parking.

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