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Tongue Photography

TCM Tongue Diagnosis: A Pioneering Method in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Over Millennia

In the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the tongue is more than just an organ of speech and taste—it offers a window into the inner workings of the body. 

TCM tongue diagnosis is a meticulously refined technique that has been perfected over thousands of years, enabling practitioners to gauge the health status of internal organs and the presence of pathogenic factors.

The Anatomy of the Tongue in TCM:

The tongue’s topography is meticulously mapped out in TCM, with each section corresponding to a specific internal organ:

Tip: Heart and Lungs

Middle: Stomach and Spleen

Sides: Liver and Gallbladder

Base: Kidneys, Urinary Bladder, and Intestines

Factors Assessed in Tongue Diagnosis:

Color: Ranges from pale to red to purple, each hue providing insights into circulatory and internal heat patterns.

Shape: Indicates the state of blood and yin in the body. A swollen tongue might denote dampness or a deficiency, while a thin tongue can suggest dehydration or a lack of nourishing fluids.

Coating: The nature of the tongue’s coating—whether thin or thick, white or yellow—can reveal the presence and progression of a disease.

Moisture: A wet tongue points towards dampness or a yang deficiency, whereas a dry tongue might indicate heat or yin deficiency.

Movements: Tremors, stiffness, or deviations in the tongue’s movement can provide information about potential internal wind or obstructions.

Significance of Tongue Diagnosis in Modern Medicine:

While the nuances of tongue diagnosis remain rooted in ancient Chinese theory, its implications in contemporary medicine are undeniable. 

By furnishing a non-invasive method of gauging internal health, TCM practitioners can offer insights that complement modern diagnostic tools, paving the way for integrative medical strategies.

Benefits of Incorporating TCM Tongue Diagnosis:

Non-invasive and painless examination procedure.

Provides rapid insights into one’s health status.

Complements other diagnostic techniques for a comprehensive health analysis.

Tongue Photography: Tips Before You Say Ahhh

The Best Time: To Inspect Your Tongue Is Before Breakfast.

Spare The Brush: Brush Only Your Teeth And Not The Tongue So You Get A Proper Read Of The Coating.

No Coffee, Tea or Sweets: Avoid Drinking Or Eating Anything That Might Stain Your Tongue.

Sunlight Is The Best Light: If You’re Inspecting Your Own Tongue, Do It In Natural Light For A More Accurate Diagnosis.

Be Quick: Don’t Stick Out Your Tongue For More Than 15 Seconds. The Longer Your Tongue Is Out Of Your Mouth, The Darker It Appears. To “Reset” The Color, Just Pull Your Tongue Back Into Your Mouth For A Few Moments.

A Time-Tested Methodology Awaiting Modern Exploration

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