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Insurance Verification

We are a participating provider for CareFirst/BCBS. Insurance must be verified 72 hours prior to your first appointment by our office staff or full payment is expected at time of service.

The complexities of health insurance are considerable and although there are online resources to check coverage we find these resources are not always accurate. Our office manager will happily call and speak to your provider directly to determine acupuncture benefits.

Acupuncture coverage is a contract between your employer and an insurance company, designed to help you defray the cost of care. It is not intended to pay for all your acupuncture needs or to decide what treatment is best for you. Your Acupuncturist designs treatment plans based on patient health needs, not on acupuncture health coverage. However, once your treatment needs are diagnosed, we can help you get the most from your plan.

As a courtesy to facilitate prompt treatment, our office will file claim forms for patients and assist patients in every way we can.  After we verify that the patient’s insurance covers acupuncture, we will bill your insurance company and charge you  the required deductible, co-pay or co-insurance.

If our office is not contracted with the patient’s insurance company, and it covers out-of-network acupuncture and related services, you will be charged our regular rates and our office will provide a claim form upon request for submission to your insurance.

Insurance companies will not cover missed appointments, herbal or nutritional consultations, moxibustion, certain medical conditions, health programs and workshops.

Please fill out the following insurance verification form and we will attempt to verify your coverage with your insurance provider.

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