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Chinese Herbal Medicine


In the realm of healthcare, the array of treatment options spans from modern pharmaceuticals to ancient herbal remedies.

As your healthcare partners, we are committed to exploring these avenues with you, highlighting the benefits and considerations of each.

It’s fascinating to note that approximately 25% of modern medicines are derived from natural sources, underscoring two critical points:

  1. Herbal medicine possesses significant healing potential.
  2. The application of herbal remedies requires informed expertise and respect.

Your care is in the hands of a seasoned practitioner, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc), and Certified Chinese Herbalist.

While herbs are categorized as “dietary supplements” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, their therapeutic power is profound.

When used judiciously, they can effectively tackle a wide range of health issues, but misuse may lead to adverse effects.

Therefore, professional guidance is indispensable.

Personalized Herbal Prescriptions

Considering your distinct health needs, your practitioner may recommend a custom herbal formula designed to enhance your wellness.

These prescriptions, akin to acupuncture, are personalized and adapt over time.

A formula typically includes 5-15 different herbs, crafted to relieve symptoms and target root causes, while mitigating side effects of conventional medications.

Available in pill or tea form, these remedies are generally taken three times daily.

Our Herbal Remedies Address a Wide Spectrum of Health Concerns:

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Genito-Urinary Problems

Skin Conditions

Endocrine Disorders

Stress, Mental Health, and Sleep Issues

Immune System and Energy Balance

Women’s Health Specific Formulas

Men’s Health Tailored Formulas

Wellness, Beauty, and Anti-Aging Blends

Detoxification and Cleansing Regimens

Specialty Herbal Compounds

Medication Interactions: A Forethought

We meticulously review your medication regimen to avoid herb-drug interactions, ensuring that herbs complement your current treatments safely.

Commitment to Safety

Our dedication to safety is unwavering.

Herbal prescriptions are personalized to minimize side effects, and we pay careful attention to digestive health, often incorporating herbs that support stomach health and digestion.

Why Evergreen Herbs?

We trust Evergreen Herbs for their adherence to stringent international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), guaranteeing high-quality herbs processed in controlled environments and rigorously tested for purity and potency.

Broadening Your Healthcare Options

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we warmly welcome those new to herbal medicine.

If you have questions or are curious about integrating herbal remedies into your health regimen, our expert team is eager to support you.

Enjoy the convenience of complimentary on-site parking during your visit.

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