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Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture and TCM are safe, drug-free medical therapies that have evolved into a complete and effective holistic healthcare system that can address a wide range of medical issues by helping restore the body’s natural ability to heal. More and more Americans are turning to Acupuncture abd TCM because of one fact- it works!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on how qi (energy) and blood travel through the body’s meridians. There are several components of TCM treatment–including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na, Electro-acupuncture and Chinese herbs, teas and formulas.

Our highly skilled Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Clinical TCM Nutritionist, Dr. Dawn R. Gifford DOM, uses Acupuncture to relieve blockages or imbalances within the body. By inserting tiny needles along meridian lines of the body, she stimulates specific points located near or on the skin’s surface. Most people find the process relaxing, rather than painful. 

Benefits of Regular Acupuncture:


Far In-Frared Onnetsu Meridian Therapy

Low body temperature weakens the immune system, making the body vulnerable to diseases. Restoring the body heat is, hence, crucial. Onnetsu Therapy combines the modern science of far infrared, discovered by NASA, and the ancient traditional Japanese moxibustion concept.

Benefits: Autoimmune Health Care Method That Warms Up The Body Using Heat and Far-Infrared Waves. Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues, promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep, Improves immune response, cellular regeneration, detoxifies, and relieves stress. 


Acupuncture +Celluma Light Therapy For Pain

Clinically proven, FDA cleared, NASA researched technology for Pain Relief using Natural wavelengths of light energy.

Benefits: Pain Relief, Decreased Inflammation, Increased Micro-Circulation, Muscle, Joint & Pain Conditions, Muscle Tissue Tension, Muscle Spasms, Arthritic Pain and More.


Chinese Herbs, Teas and Formulas

Chinese herbal medicine can be used to expedite the healing process, as well as strengthen, support and tonify the body.

These formulas have the capacity to address the underlying root cause of various medical conditions, whether acute or chronic.

When prescribed and used correctly, Chinese herbal formulas and teas rarely cause unwanted side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine is a safe, effective and drug free way to become and stay healthy, naturally.

Chinese herbs, teas and formulas are drawn from a pharmacopeia of thousands of herbs to treat specific conditions.

Our products are sourced from reputable distributors which follow strict farming, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing guidelines.

Contact Atlantic Acupuncture for your customized treatment and start on the path to health and well being.

Benefits: Restore & Rebalance. Can Help Reduce Inflammation , Which Serves As a Root Cause of Many Different Diseases, Including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune Diseases, and More.


Jade Massage Therapy

Fully customizable automatic massage using Jade stones to massage acupuncture channels and meridians that have deficiencies or blockages. 

Benefits: Relaxing Muscles, while Improving Blood Circulation and Energy


Circulation Therapy

Poor Blood Circulation, Blood stasis (Chinese: 血瘀), or blood stagnation, is an important underlying pathology of many disease processes according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Circulation therapy is a natural therapy and has been commonly practiced in China for several thousand years to promote circulation, relieve pain, beautify skin and optimize health.  

Benefits: A Safe, Natural and Effective Way to Improve Circulation. Sessions Are A Shared Experience Perfect For Enjoying Solo, With Friends, Family or Colleagues!


Facial Rejuvenation Is Safe, Natural, Effective Clean Therapy

Benefits Include: Reduction In The Appearance Of Acne, Rosacea, Fine Lines And Wrinkles Safely And Naturally While Improving Health


In Chinese Medicine, the ear is a microsystem of the whole body. Ear seeds are tiny beads placed on the ear’s acupressure points. Auriculotherapy has been researched to be effective for pain & stress relief.

Benefits of Acupuncture On The Go. An Easy Needle-Free Way to Empower Your Health Daily


Moxibustion Therapy

A Traditional Chinese Medicine technique Moxibustion or Moxa is a therapeutic healing technique used in many modern acupuncture clinics today.

The practice involves burning medicinal herbs over specific acupuncture points or put on top of salt or ginger and placed over the skin to “warm” areas of pain in order to quicken the healing process. 

Benefits: Sports Injuries, Menstrual Pain, Infertility and More


Jade Ceratonic Therapy

Pressure point thermal therapy of radiant far infrared heat

Benefits: Improved Sleep, Immunity, Increased Blood Flow, Improved Circulation



Meditation is a technique used for thousands of years to develop awareness of the present moment.

Benefits: Stress Relief, Pain Control, Improved Sleep, Lessens Anxiety


Laser Acupuncture Therapy

Low level laser therapy shares many benefits of conventional acupuncture.

Benefits: Can Be Used With or Without Acupuncture Needles, Increased Blood Circulation, Decreased Inflammation


TCM Dietary Therapy

Proper nutrition is essential for good health and a rich life, and is an important part of Oriental Medicine (OM), though often overlooked.

At its core, the purpose of food is to nourish the body and maintain health and vitality.

It is preventative medicine. The majority of today’s illnesses are chronic and entirely preventable.

Roughly 75% of healthcare spending goes to treating preventable diseases and about ½ of the adult population in the United States have chronic health conditions.

Proper nutrition in the form of a lifestyle diet should be key whether promoting well-being or when treating disharmonies in the body.

Benefits: Dietary Lifestyle: Food As Medicine 


Acu Detox Therapy

In Accordance with Five Element Theory there are several major blocks that create severe stagnation.

Over time these impediments can become toxic to the patients health and well-being. 

Regardless of the nature and severity of the block, its presence will impede the rate of recovery and the effectiveness of any acupuncture treatment.

Without this crucial piece, treatments can progress more slowly and not have long lasting effect.

Benefits: Fewer Office Treatments, Increased Energy, Focus, Renewal, Emotional Release 


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used to treat trigger point pain and myofasical pain. Other terms commonly used to described dry needling, include Acupuncture, trigger point dry needling and intramuscular manual therapy.

Benefits: Muscular Pain, Stiffness, ROM


Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha is a manual healing technique that releases spasms and tension and relieves pain.

Gua means “scrape” and Sha means “sand”. By scraping the surface of the skin in strokes, using a round-edged instument, we are able to break up any of these knotted muscles.

In western terms, the scraping draws out blood and metabolic waste that congests the surface tissues and muscles, promoting normal circulation and metabolic processes. 

Benefits: Muscle & Connective Tissue Release. Gua Sha is valuable in treating pain, as well as preventing and treating acute infectious illness, upper respiratory and digestive problems, and many acute or chronic disorders.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping stimulates the flow of blood within the superficial muscle layers. It breaks up obstructions and creates an avenue for toxins to be released.

It is used for sore muscles, neck pain, tension, deep tissue and myofascial release, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, sprains, broken bones, paralysis, post stroke, and the common cold.

Dr. Gifford, DOM, LAc places a special glass over specific areas on your body, creating a vacuum under the cup with heat or suction.

The glass may be moved over an affected area or left in place. Cupping could cause small, circular bruises where the cups were applied, which disappear within a few days. 

Benefits: Anxiety, Pain Relief, Detox, Insomnia, Common Cold


Body Align Wellness®

Products Rooted in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Beliefs

Benefits: Vital Tools to Foster Health and Wellness


ASP Acupuncture Therapy

Tiny needles that can change your life. ASP or Semi Permanent needles have been used to enhance auriculotherapy treatments for over 25 years. The “To Go” style of Acupuncture.

Benefits: Pain Relief & Detox


Qigong Therapy

Meditation in motion

Benefits: Improved Balance, Helps Maintain or Even Enhance Flexibility and Agility and Boosts Overall Muscle Strength

Restore Your Body's Natural Healing Ability!

At Atlantic Acupuncture, we specialize in first-time acupuncture patients! If you are new to acupuncture or nervous about treatment, our warm and caring team will put you at ease. Enjoy free on-site client parking. 

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