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Acupuncture +Celluma Anti-Aging

Beautiful, Rejuvenated, Clearer Skin, All Naturally

Inspired by Light, Proven by Science

Celluma LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical addition to your facial treatments that use specific LED light wavelengths to treat your uneven skin tone, increase your blood flow, promote healthy circulation and relieve stiffness. Not only does LED Light Therapy treat your skin on the outside, it also improves your cellular health by promoting accelerated repair of your skin’s tissues.

Are Celluma Light Therapy Facials Right For You?

If you answer “YES!” to any of these questions, Celluma LED Light Therapy may offer you the solution you’ve been looking for!

  • Do you suffer from moderate to severe acne?
  • Do you have mild scarring as a result of past acne breakouts?
  • Are you concerned about skin damage from sun, weather, environmental toxins, and smoking?
  • Is your skin texture course and rough?
  • Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation and other minor pigmentation problems?
  • Have you begun to see the development of fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Does the condition of your skin make you look older than you feel?

Celluma Light Therapy Facial Fast Facts

  • Low-intensity, non-invasive, and non-ablative.
  • Flexible, shape-changing panel ensures a comfortable, relaxing treatment experience.
  • Works without thermal heat for greater safety and comfort.
  • Powerful, highly effective treatment for inflammatory acne.
  • Promotes healthy, beautiful skin through greater cellular turnover, improved circulation and lymphatic activity, and stimulation of collagen and elastin.
  • Ideal anti-aging treatment for fine lines, minor pigmentation problems, and other effects of “photoaging”, as well as mild scaring.
  • Most patients require a series of treatments to achieve their aesthetic goals.

How Does Low-Level LED Therapy Work?

Low-level LED Light Therapy, delivered by the proprietary Celluma light array panel, has been scientifically proven to stimulate cellular activity deep within the tissues of the skin in order to reduce and control inflammatory acne, reduce the visible signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation, and restore your skin’s healthy glow. 

Using Red, Blue, or Infrared, or a powerful combination of one or more, Celluma’s flexible, shape-taking panel stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for stronger, healthier skin, increases circulation of water and nutrients to the skin, as well as moisture retention, and promotes cellular turnover and growth. 

The result: firm, healthy, fresh-looking skin that looks and feels younger. Blue Light Therapy, in particular, treats both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne by targeting the harmful bacteria at the root of many acne breakouts.

Zero Recovery Time

Because LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, there is no formal downtime or recovery period associated with each session. Patients are able to return to their normal daily activities, including work, immediately following treatment.

Results Can Be Dramatic

Celluma is a gentle, non-ablative treatment that works by slowly improving your skin’s health over time. Celluma treatments can have a dramatic impact on the health of your skin, but do not be disappointed if you don’t see results immediately: it takes time for your skin to rebuild and restore the cellular growth needed for healthy-looking skin.

 Acne breakouts should be treated regularly throughout a breakout, starting at the first signs of a new breakout.  

Who Can Use Celluma

Unlike other types of light therapy, Celluma’s devices do not contain ultraviolet rays (such as UVA – cause of skin aging, UVB – cause of sunburn). Therefore, they’re safe for regular use.

In general, side effects from Red Light Therapy are rare. If they do occur, they typically involve temporary redness of the skin in the treated area. Side effects are minor and do not last long.

LED light therapy has no down time compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. It is safe for all skin colors and types. 

LED light therapy is not compatible with Accutane (must wait 6 months), cortisone/steroid injections (must wait 1 week), light sensitive medications, pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 12, history of epilepsy/seizures, using Retin A, known cancer, tumor or metastasis.

Safe For Eyes

Celluma wavelengths fall within a range that does not include UVA or UVB light, therefore it is not harmful to the eyes. In fact, there is good clinical research showing the use of low level light therapy to accelerate healing of retinal injuries. The devices have been rigorously tested in particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of non-laser light source equipment use.  The Celluma falls in the “exempt” classification, meaning that it will not cause eye damage. 

While red light is considered safe for the eyes, some people find it too bright. Simple tanning glasses (provided) can make the experience more comfortable.

Before & After

anti aging 1 (2)

Protocol: 3 times per week for 4 weeks

Protocol: 2 times a week for 4 weeks

Protocol: 2 times per week for 8 weeks

Images Lori Hall

Protocol: 2 times per week for 4 weeks

Images Lori Hall

Beautiful, Rejuvenated, Clearer Skin, Naturally

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